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Dance To The Rhythm Of Your Heart.

Our history

Armed With Pop-Punk Vibes

Hunter Valentine has released three full-length albums. Working with such manufacturers as Greg Nori (Sum 41, Iggy Pop), Julius "Juice" Butty (Alexis on Fire, City and Color, Protest the Hero), and Ian Blurton (The Weakerthans, Amy Milan, Cursed, Lowest of the Low). Their blatant disregard for a normal girl-group sound has got them international attention.


2012 endeavors included starring in a hit reality television show on Showtime, releasing their third album -- Collide and Conquer, and finishing their third North American tour in two years. They wrapped up the 2012 tour by performing a showcase in Tokyo, Japan and then performing at a celebrity--studded benefit concert in New York City, Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays.

About Hunter Valentine

 Hunter Valentine initially started exuding their "sexy and unrelenting power rock" music via an eponymous 2005 EP. They then built on that base with their 2007 full--length record The Impatient Romantic (True North Records).



Laura Petracca

Leanne Bowes

Kiyomi Valentine

Music brings harmony to the world.



Feel free to contact us for more information about the upcoming events and other queries. Each month we release new musical material for you.


Why hire an SEO agency?

Why hire an SEO agency? Will it be necessary? Or will it be an expense that is over? At the end of this article, we will have an answer that answers all these questions. So we invite you to learn more and be aware of everything we will share, pay attention and if necessary take note. Let’s clarify something before we learn more. Surely elsewhere and even in this blog you read something like “Why hire an SEO consultant?” That’s where you’ll say Is not the same thing? And the answer is no! I hope to have space on this blog to talk in depth about the topic, but for now, be satisfied with knowing that it is not the same.

The consultant is more of the individual style, a person with knowledge that can position your site. While the agency is more a work team, not only one person works but the work can be distributed among more than one. Keeping this clear we can go on to answer why to hire an SEO agency.

Why hire an SEO agency – learn more?

Without further ado, we are going to what we have come to know the reasons why we should hire an SEO agency! Have a look at some more information and learn more!

1 – Provide a quality positioning: it is not necessary to say that these agencies have a lot of experience, so the quality of the service is greater than what you would achieve doing yourself. It may even be better than the services of an SEO consultant.

2 – A lot of knowledge: Remember that an SEO agency is a team of several professionals. There each one has to fulfil a task, for example:

  • They are what the keywords analyze.
  • Those who write content for the site based on the PCP to the position.
  • There are code specialists, so they can optimize the HTML, CSS … part of your website.
  • They can also be responsible for interacting with other sites, are those that get links that point you, manage social networks, etc.
  • If you look, they have someone special for each task, so we can deduce that the work is of higher quality because specialized people work in each sector (unlike you who have to educate yourself in each of those areas)

For this same reason, the work they do is faster, because the tasks are distributed.

3 – Continuous work without stopping: imagine that you or a consultant is in charge of the positioning of the web, but it turns out that this one (or you) falls ill or something happens to him. What happens? The work must stop and wait for recovery, or otherwise look for an alternate. This does not happen in the agencies since we have a full staff and if someone is a victim of any illness or unforeseen is replaced and not even notice it because everything is planned and prepared for such eventualities. So hiring the services of a good SEO agency ensures a continuous work that translates into a longer response time. Learn more!

4 – Personalization: on the internet, you can get many strategies, which you can still apply but have no results. The reason is that there are times when we need customized plans and strategies that adapt to our website and what we want to achieve. This is where the comment that I always make it again, SEO is not just writing in an optimized way or doing basic things. SEO goes further, and one of the things beyond is to analyze the site very well and establish personalized strategies. Maybe doing this for you will take a lot of time learning and experience, so it’s best to hire an SEO agency.

5 – You earn more than you lose: the ones you spend hiring in an SEO agency is less than what you lose doing the job yourself if you do not have the necessary knowledge and experience. Since acquiring this experience and knowledge takes a long time, time that you could take advantage of to gain clients, money, etc. Look, they spent 6 months and you are well positioned, you invested 200 euros. But the next 6 months you have good positioning income, for example, 50 euros per month (a random number), so at the end of the year you would have 300 euros. So, 300 euros less 200 euros are 100 euros of profit.

Now suppose you did not invest in the SEO agency. For not having experience and blah blah it took a year as we said, then the only thing you won n that year was to position your website No more! Do you see how it is better to pay an agency? Of course, everything depends on your business, web, investment, etc. At least this example that applies in many cases leaves us gains, speed and takes away a lot of work from above.

To end:

The hiring of the services of an SEO agency ensures an excellent positioning as long as we select a good agency. They are undoubtedly a complete team, experience and much more to offer their customers. In summary, we must hire these services because:

  • They provide a good web positioning.
  • They are a specialized team each one in an important activity for SEO.
  • Thanks to their organization they offer a more continuous service.
  • They offer personalized plans and strategies.
  • We can earn more than we invest.

What do you think about this? In your opinion, is it worthwhile to hire the services of an SEO agency? Why? Learn more!

On the other hand, if you cannot or do not want to hire the services of these professionals and likewise you need your site to be present, I invite you to continue learning on our blog. Learn more here! As we have many topics related to SEO that will be very helpful. No more to add, for now, there is nothing left but to say goodbye!

Top Power Rock Songs of 2017

Top Power Rock Songs of 2017. Rock and romantic melody are two different genres. When these two worked together or in simple terms combined, then it is the power rock genre. It is one of the oldest genres but still has gained universal acceptance making people across the world long for songs that came under this genre. So here are some of the top power rock songs of 2017. Let’s get to the list.

Top Power Rock Songs of 2017

Don’t let me get me:

Don’t let me get me is one of the evergreen power rock songs that was launched in the year 2001. The song was sung by the popular American singer Pink, and it came as a part of her second album named Missundaztood. The song once it was launched in the year 2001 became an instant hit ruled the Billboard list for more than two weeks and rose from the 14th position during the first day and reached the first position almost when it was about to close.

Just like a pill:

Following the details that were given for the earlier song, the song Just like pill also falls in the same line. The song was composed and was released along with ‘Don’t let me get me’ as a part of Pink’s album Missundaztood. The song after reaching the top 10 position it stayed there for weeks and then reached the second position during the closing week in the Billboard Hot 100 in the UK and in the consecutive weeks ruled the list in other countries as well.

Go all the way:

Go all the way is a song by the Raspberries that was released in the year 1972. It was a popular American pop group and once the once the song was released, it ranked as one of the top 5 songs in almost all the countries where the song was released. It topped the US singles chart and stayed there for more than a week. It was ranked as one of the greatest songs ever

Couldn’t I just tell you?

The years that followed the 1970s was the period that glorified power pop songs. It was during the same period Todd, a famous pop singer, released his double album in the year 1972 and named the album Something/Anything? The Album’s hit single was ‘Couldn’t I just tell you’. Though this one song ruled the hearts of millions of music lovers, the album as a whole is considered to be one of the best pop works was ever and was named as the greatest 500 albums of all time.

Hanging on the telephone:

The song is famous and is also widely appreciated for the musical intricacies it created in the pop genre. However, it has quite a long history as well. The song was composed by Jack Lee in the year 1976 by a band called the Nerves that didn’t exist more than a couple of years. In the year 1978, almost after two years of the song’s release, the song was released by a band called Blondie. It was only then the song received global attention.

What is Power Rock?

In case if you are a lover of hard-hitting music, then you must probably be a lover of power rock songs as well. But wait, what are power rock songs? Most of us are unaware that the genres hard rock and power rock are quite different. Yes, you read it right. They are not the same. However, the differences aren’t that distinguishable. You will have to be a professional musician in order to find the difference between power rock and hard rock. But today we aren’t letting this unsolved. We will hit it to the hilt and understand clearly as to how power rock and hard rock differ.

power rock

Power rock vs. Hard Rock:

Instead of defining what power rock is, we are trying to find out the difference between power rock and hard rock because these two genres are closely related. The minor differences between them can help us understand both the genres distinctively.

Hard Rock:

Hard Rock is a genre that is connected with the rock genre however it isn’t perfect genre by itself as it is quite loosely based and has no significant impact at least as far as the difference that they are trying to create by the names. Hard Rock is more than Rock genre itself. There is only a slight difference as to the difference in the fastness in the beat.

Power Rock:

The genres power rock and power pop carry just different names, but they are very much similar as there are only selective songs that are released under the power rock genre. Power rock is a little harder than hard rock. The variation between hard rock and power rock is the same difference that exists between the rock and hard rock or a little less than that.

The reason for two genres:

  • There is hardly any difference between power rock, power pop and hard rock genres. It is simply a means to quench the self-pride of well-learned musicians. No offence, but that is the only way to relax the hard-core music lovers and who simply put all fast beat songs under on head probably pop or rock. However, brushing aside all this, there are valid reasons as to why someone has to be quite particular about the classification.

  • Not many of us know that there the 1264 popular genres of music. So if I say popular, then it means that there is at least a decent population that listens to the genres here on a regular basis or at least songs under these genres exist. If all these 1264 genres are popular, then think about the songs that fall under multiple genres, genres that are not popular and the songs that simply don’t fit anywhere.

  • There is only one answer to this million dollar question, ‘Why so many genres?’ Just imagine a scene where all songs of different genres are played simultaneously and imagine they have only one name. That is nothing but a catastrophe. Music will make sense only when they fall into different categories and are played accordingly. This is the valid answer to why music is different, and there are so many genres.

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